For over 30 years NEW POLYPLANTS is present in Italy in the sector of long life plastic films for greenhouses and technologies for protected crops.

With its long experience NEW POLYPLANTS is able to offer for every type of crop the best solution to cover the greenhouse, a solution aimed at optimizing quality and quantity of production. POLYANE, CELLOFLEX, POLYANEX and CELLOCLIM are trademarks of proven quality that NEW POLYPLANTS distributes in Italy.

In addition to plastic films, when you request a hard cover, NEW POLYPLANTS proposes SUNTUF Plus, corrugated polycarbonate with exceptional transparency, thermal effect, and high resistance. NEW POLYPLANTS also offers a range of film SBE for waterproofing water reserve and landfill site, to cover greenhouses, mushroom farms, silos, barns, sheds.

With a coconut fiber quality, natural substrate for soilless culture, and fertilizers for horticulture and floriculture Plantin, NEW POLYPLANTS fits into the specific area of cultivation in greenhouses by providing a complete service.

NEW POLYPLANTS also has a wide range of materials and accessories for a modern greenhouse crops: groundcover Formisol, thermal screen PH, nonwoven Polytex, Ombraser Special shading paint, net wrapped to measure, Agriplast protective paint, Special Adhesive Tape to ripair plastics films, profiles to fix film, clips and support systems for suspended cultures, controls for greenhouses and other accessories.

NEW POLYPLANTS offers its customers a competent and qualified technical support and all its know-how.


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